This piece is a reflection on the method by which I adopt (or rather, don’t adopt) an anti-caste stance on digital platforms. I refrain from posting this on Instagram for reasons that will make themselves clear in the paragraphs below.

Over the last two years, I’ve felt a sense of…

For all of its breathtaking potential, the internet has not liberated Indian women.

Instead, we have simply been made to adapt to a precarious digital environment, because the digital world mirrors the structural inequalities of our physical lives.

Before we look at how women experience the internet, a good question to ask is — how many of us experience it at all?

According to the National Family Health Survey, the percentage of women using…

In a Netflix original I watched recently, a protagonist was offered ‘e-death’ — an opportunity to have all traces of her existence extracted from physical and digital spaces. I was jealous, because over time, I’ve come to crave digital suicide — a purging of all of my past lives.


Sukhnidh Kaur

Thoughts on the evolving internet, tech, and society, with a sprinkle of introspection// research intern at microsoft

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